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Even though I am a food photographer, I love street photography; trying to find just the right light and geometry to make a great photo without the use of strobes, flashes, fill cards, and all the other gear that we studio photographers love to use is a challenge that I am always ready to take on. I love studio work too, but every now and then one needs to get out into the fresh air and see what kind of images you can find.

While roaming through Manhattan the other day with my camera in tow, I stopped to get some shots of the interesting architecture of the Bloomberg headquarters building and I just happened to catch the shot below through a window looking into the legendary restaurant Le Cirque.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog post. I would really love to know if you like the photo and I’d also love to know the reason why.

Thanks in advance for your critique!


  1. Peter

    I think this is beautiful……..could see it as the cover for a really exquisite food mag, restaurant review…….etc. Header for a column on food….It is truly ambiguous and artful in light and composition, generic and sophisticated. I love it……..

  2. Hi Rodney, nice to meet you :O)

    I found you through the creative live, pre show banter video with Penny. I watched your audition video too 🙂 It was lovely to see your obvious enthusiasm.

    Love your passion for your work, it shines x

    Your website is really nice too.

    I really enjoyed this image, I love the layers. The composition really works well. The diagonal of the napkin leads the eye nicely through the reflection. As a viewer it helps me pass through the skin of the reflection and on to being a part of what’s happening behind the glass. The suggestion of there being more than one person partaking in a meal time indicated by the two glasses make me consider the wider environment and the setting. The giving and receiving the food adds a nice pace to the scene too and reflects on the human condition of us needing one another and our relationships, even though we could easily serve ourselves we find comfort in the attention of others and the food they provide, a very primal action.
    From a creative view, I really love the reflection of the ivy and the colour orange. (orange is definitely the new black, at least for me 😉
    The flowers are beautifully composed and fit superbly into the triangle of space created by the white jacket, the ivy works well above and leads my eye back into the picture and right back to the bowl.

    A great capture Rodney, well done x

    I hope you have a blast at the Creative Live ♥

    All my best Heidi x

    • Heidi, Thank you so much for all of the kind words. I did have a blast at the CreativeLive workshop with Penny De Los Santos. She is truly amazing and inspirational.

      I’m so glad you like the photo. It was one of those fleeting moments that I’m so glad I was able to capture.


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