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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

My biggest weakness is chocolate. Chocolate in any form is pretty sure to be a big hit with me. That’s why, when my good friend Gail Dosik, One Tough Cookie, posted a photo on Facebook of some chocolate chip cookies that she was baking, originally posted by Deb Perlman of The Smitten Kitchen, I had to try them. Check out Gail and Deb, you’ll be glad you did. At least your tastebuds will, though maybe your waistline won’t quite as much.

Speaking of waistlines, I’ve been exercising as of late in an attempt to shed some unwanted pounds. But back to my weakness, chocolate. Like I said, I had to try these cookies. Waistline be damned. I’ll just do a few more ellipses on the elliptical machine. These cookies are worth the extra work you’ll have to endure to burn some calories.

I adjusted the recipe a bit because I only had light brown sugar and no turbinado sugar (aka sugar in the raw) in the house at the time this chocolate chip cookie bug bit me. So I substituted light brown sugar for the turbinado sugar and proceeded to experiment. To my delight, the results were great. The cookies came out super chocolatey and chewy just the way I like them.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


I doubled the recipe, because I just can’t seem to make a small amount of anything when I cook. Usually when I bake cookies, I will bake a dozen or so and save the cookie batter in the fridge for later batches of just-baked goodness. Or it can go into the freezer and then warm chocolatey treats are just a short thaw and bake away.


Chocolate Chip Cookies just out of the oven

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  1. Wait til you try them with the turbinado sugar. It’s that little bit of crunch that’s so irresistible.

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