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Jerry (of Ben & Jerry’s) Serves Ice Cream at Occupy Wall Street

It’s been four years since that crazy summer when Wall Street was overtaken by folks who were tired of the one percent having it all. My fondest memory of the event is when I saw Jerry, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, serving ice cream to the people gathered at Zuccotti Park in Downtown Manhattan.

Jerry, THE Jerry of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream serves ice cream at Zuccotti Park during Occupy Wall Street
Jerry, THE Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream serves ice cream at Zuccotti Park during Occupy Wall Street

A family photo shoot – Long Island Sound in Westchester County, NY

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? My home in Westchester County, NY has some beautiful beaches and the beach is one of my favorite places to be. Every now and then I am asked to shoot family photos, and I really do enjoy photographing families, and I get excited when they want to have their photo shoot at the beach. The Westphals were a pure joy. They have two sons, one is four years old and the other is one year old. We found a great beach on Long Island Sound, the family did their thing and I followed along and captured them as they interacted with one another. It was a beautiful summer day on the beach. There was also a great park close by where we got some more great family moments.

The Westphals family photo shoot at the beach

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Gratitude is a way of moving ourselves forward in life. It’s a way of being in the now, and in getting the joy out of the present moment. It also helps us to connect and to serve our fellow man, for it’s often someone that we are grateful for having in our lives. Recognizing that gratefulness helps us to reflect on how we can give back to society and how we can serve mankind.

I often like to read while en route to Manhattan on the Metro North train. On a cold day recently I boarded the train, got out my book and started to read. I was totally captivated by what I was reading and I did not glance up from my book for awhile. But when I did glance up and out the train window, the first thing I saw was a huge billboard with one simple word—”Grattitude”. I felt a rush of energy pulse through my body and I began to list all the things that I was grateful for at that moment. That was the first time I saw that billboard and I love passing that billboard now. It’s a reminder to me to stop and reflect for at least a few moments every day and to feel grateful for the things and the people in my life. The billboard was put up by New York City artist Peter Tunney and he has several positive life-affirming messages posted throughout the city. I’m grateful for Peter Tunney.