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Union Square Farmer’s Market

Friday is my favorite day for visiting the Farmer’s Market at Union Square in Manhattan. I usually stop in the morning on my way to work but, having been lazy and sleeping in, I missed my morning ritual and I decided to rush down there during my lunch break. I bought a few vegetables, some ground pork from Flying Pigs Farm, and I had a short chat with Daniel Meyer, who was just featured on the new website He works at the Flying Pigs Farm stand at Union Square every Friday and he also works with Mark Bittman as an assistant and a recipe tester. I also stopped and talked with the fellow that was tending the Grazin’ Angus Acres stand–they are certified by Animal Welfare Approved and their ground Angus is awesome. I cooked some of it tonight in a meatloaf mixed with the ground pork from Flying Pigs Farms (out of this world). I always take my camera with me and I always come home with bag full of great food and a memory card full of photos.