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More Farmer’s Market …

Yeah, I know, the farmer’s market is already growing kind of tiresome, and I’ve just started this blog. Well, I’m telling you now that I just can’t get enough of the market, not just the Union Square Farmer’s Market, but any of them. I love being outdoors at the market, seeing the crowds of people who are buying the freshest, tastiest produce, the grass-fed beef and pork, and the fresh-cut flowers. Seeing, and capturing images, of all of this local-farm-to-consumer action gets me pretty excited. I guess you could say that the market is my favorite venue for photography. I love walking through the market, looking at the colorful produce, the street musicians, and the proud purveyors intently talking about their wares. Actually, not just looking, but also listening to the shutter release of my camera as I capture the sights of the market. So that is why I wanted to share a few more photos from the Union Square Farmer’s Market with you here. I hope to be able to post more photos of the bounty of the market on a weekly basis. I usually go to the market on Friday, so the post should be up by Saturday or, on a good productive day, Friday night.

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