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Hummingbird Cake?

A slice of the ever moist hummingbird cake

Does anyone else know about this “old southern tradition?” It’s called a Humingbird Cake. I grew up in the heart of the south and have never heard of it until recently. I had to move to New York City to find out about this “southern tradition.” Why is it called Hummingbird Cake? Well, it seems that nobody knows the answer to this question. But call it what you will, this is one of the best cakes that my tastebuds have ever had the joy of devouring. The cake is super moist, nutty, fruity (kind of like me) and, hello, it has cream cheese frosting!

It turns out, southern tradition or not, this is one of Southern Living’s most requested cake recipes and with good reason. The cake is fabulous. Most cakes get stale after a day, but this cake only gets better. The fruit in the cake seems to marinate as the cake ages and the flavor and texture only gets tastier and more moist.