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A Photo Shoot and Lunch at Atrium Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY)

I love Brooklyn. Although Larry and I moved from Brooklyn more than three years ago, it still feels like home. Luckily, we only moved to New Rochelle, so we are able to go back to Brooklyn often, whenever the mood strikes. Recently Larry had a business meeting in Dumbo, and I had a mini photo shoot at Atrium Dumbo.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Before heading to the restaurant, I took a short walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park, a place that I’ve seen change by leaps and bounds since we first moved to Brooklyn more than a decade ago (I think the year was 2004). The waterfront at that time was composed of one dilapidated pier after another. It has transformed into a spectacular waterfront full of beautiful sights, sounds, and reclaimed peirs where you can partake in anything from tennis to taekwondo.

Taekwondo at the Pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Rodney Bedsole Photography - Brooklyn Bridge Park

After my walk, I headed to Atrium for lunch. I luckily grabbed a seat at a table in the bar where the sunlight streamed in and gave me a perfect spot for lighting and shooting the food that I was about to order. I was greeted by Britney and I told her my plan of making photos of the food that I was about to order. Her advice on colorful, beautiful dishes was helpful. I ordered and went about setting up my makeshift photo studio in the restaurant.

Interior at Atrium Dumbo

My honey passionfruit juice came out first with it’s beautiful yellow color. Beautiful and delicious.

Honey Passionfruit juice at Atrium Dumbo

Up next was the Cauliflower with Vadouvan yogurt, pickled raisin, and coriander.  Three colors of cauliflower made this a gorgeous dish and the spices in the yogurt were divine.

Cauliflower Appetizer at Atrium Dumbo

My next course was salmon, and I must admit that I am not a big fan of Atlantic Salmon. I ordered it because I thought it would be the most photogenic of the entrees available on the lunch menu. It proved to be a gorgeous piece of fish nestled onto a bed of white beans, preserved lemons, chorizo, and topped with shaved fennel. The combination of all of those ingredients was truly delightful. I enjoyed every bite. And I’ve changed my mind about salmon. I will be attempting to recreate this dish at home.

Atlantic Salmon at Atrium Dumbo

And just about the time that I was taking my last bit of salmon, Larry texted me to find out where I was. He was finished with his meeting and was ready to head back home. I thanked Britney for her excellent help on my mini photo shoot, took a moment to introduce myself to Lea, the manager, and then packed up my gear and headed off to meet Larry to brave the traffic on the BQE (that’s the Brooklyn Queens Expressway for you non New Yorkers) on our trek back to Westchester County.

My lunch was a super experience and I will definitely be going back to eat at Atrium again.

Cauliflower Appetizer at Atrium Dumbo

Atlantic Salmon at Atrium Dumbo


Vilma & Harry


Christmas is such a magical time in New York City. The snow, the ice skaters in Central Park and Bryant Park, and the beautiful shop windows with their scenes of Christmas joy and fun. Christmas this year was especially joyful. That’s when Vilma and Harry decided to join their lives together (three days after Christmas). They were hoping for an intimate wedding, but things quickly got out of hand and it turned into a larger event than was initially envisioned. But it was a beautiful day.

The ceremony was at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chelsea. The church was still decorated with all the trappings of a traditional Christmas church service. The bride and the groom had smiles on their faces the entire day. After the ceremony we went to the Highline, via limousine, to make some portraits of the bride and groom. Luck was on our side, because it was a balmy 48 degrees on Vilma and Harry’s wedding day.

We walked through the crowd along the Highline, which was much larger than I had expected, given the warmer than average temperature. Vilma and Harry were met with many smiles and shouts of congratulations as we made our way through the crowd. I think they both felt like celebrities on this day. All eyes were on them as people lifted their phone camera to snap shots of the lovely couple.

Vilma and Harry could not have been a more lovely, caring couple. When I first met them, they were obviously so much in love, head over heals for each other. Fawning over one another even. They were, and are a very special and precious couple and I wish them all the best that life has to offer.